Looking forward to your next inspection?

Worried about compliance with essential
standards ?

Struggling to keep up with constantly changing
rules and regulations ?

The Care Standards Consultancy can help. We
provide expert advice, assistance and support to
care home operators in the social and health care

Regulations /CQC Key Questions

Expert advice on Regulations and how to answer CQC's five key questions. Assisting homes that are facing regulatory/compliance issues. We have extensive experience in challenging unfair inspection reports and erroneous or disproportionate judgements by inspectors and contracts monitoring officers. More

Quality Assurance

Quality Monitoring Audits using our bespoke audit tool and advising homes on how to improve quality of care and achieving compliance with Regulations.



Helping homes to deal with safeguarding alerts including attending strategy meetings and negotiating with safeguarding teams over action plans.


Complaints and Incidents

We have long experience of investigating complaints received by care homes.  An objective external investigation has more credibility and weight.



We can assist in negotiations regarding contracts with commissioners of care. Where a referrals ban has been imposed we can help achieve a lifting of the ban.



We are expert in helping care homes with the huge volume of paperwork they have to deal with such as drawing up care plans and risk assessments and drafting policies and procedures.



Assistance in the registration of new services with CQC, or amendments to existing services as well as help with registration of nominated individuals and managers.



It can be difficult for care providers to find the time to advertise their service.  We can help in developing a strategy that suits a particular service to help it improve occupancy levels and maximise fee income.


Management and Staff

Assistance/advice in recruitment, training, supervision and disciplinary investigations.  We can also mentor home/service managers to help them develop in their role.