• We are ready to help care home operators deal with the mountain of paperwork that they are faced with in today’s highly regulated care industry.
  • We are skilled in helping providers produce correct documentation tailored to their particular service.
  • We can help with the drafting of a Statement of Purpose, Service Users’ Guide, care plans, risk assessments, policies and procedures and so on.
  • We are happy to draft letters for providers that may be difficult for them to write, either because they have insufficient time or the issues involved are complex and need a lot of careful thought and drafting to set the right tone, which can be so crucial in generating confidence and securing the desired outcome.

Case study

A judiciously worded letter can make all the difference when responding to criticism, complaints or practice problems. In this case our client, the owner of an elderly person’s home, applied for a new CRB enhanced disclosure as it had been several years since her last one.

A few weeks later she received a letter from the police describing information about our client provided to them by the Care Quality Commission, stating that they were ‘minded’ to include this on the CRB disclosure form. This information was inaccurate, biased and libellous and would have had career-threatening consequences for our client if left unchallenged.

She asked for our help and we drafted a powerful response detailing each inaccuracy and objecting to its inclusion, with the result that all the offending material was excluded from the CRB disclosure ultimately issued, thereby leaving our client with no question marks against her character and free to pursue her care career as she chose.

Our client acknowledged that without our input she would have struggled to convince the police to withdraw this material due to the complexity of the background. This case highlights the value of having objective expert support when navigating dangerous waters and asserting one’s rights.