About Us

The Care Standards Consultancy was set up in 2005 by a former care home manager and CSCI inspector to provide expert advice, assistance and support to care providers.  Our aim is to offer a personal, responsive, value for money and effective service to all our clients whenever they need it.

  • We think that in today's volatile care industry environment all care providers need a specialist consultant on their side.
  • We promote good practice and are committed to help our clients improve their services. We firmly believe that high standards are good for business.
  • We work with a wide range of operators throughout England, giving excellent industry expertise and knowledge.
  • We are expert at identifying compliance issues and practical solutions to help providers avoid or resolve problems with regulators such as CQC and commissioning authorities.
  • We help clients save real money by assisting them to act before regulatory problems occur leading to losses.
  • We offer support and guidance when regulatory problems do occur.
  • We understand how regulators think therefore can offer clients an insight into their priorities.
  • We are ready to help clients take prompt action in the event of a crisis. 

We are available on the telephone seven days a week as we appreciate that in the care industry urgent advice can be required at any time.