• We can assist in the negotiation of contracts with commissioners of care.
  • We can help a care home provider take action to combat the situation where a local authority is seeking to cancel its contract and remove its residents from the home.

Case study

Our client, who operates a dementia nursing home, had serious problems following several safeguarding referrals in respect of residents in the dementia unit. Unnerved by these events, the local authority was threatening to remove all their funded residents. We represented our client in negotiations with the contracts and safeguarding teams and devised a short-term action plan designed to minimise risk and restore confidence. We also monitored the quality of the service by means of periodic visits to the home over several months. In the end the wholesale removal of residents was averted and the home re-established its reputation in the area as a safe and reliable provider, with occupancy levels now back at pre-crisis levels. This case demonstrates the value of having credible external advice available because without it reversing the negative momentum generated by such safeguarding problems can be extremely difficult. Our input enabled our client to bridge the credibility gap sapping the commissioners’ confidence and created sufficient breathing space to get the home back on track.